Despre Social Media la conferința cu iz american organizată de Prime Iași

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Asa cum spuneam intr-o postare anterioara despre editia a 2-a PR OUTLooK, vreau sa spun si acum, despre a 3-a editie: 2 ore, utilizate cu folos, pentru a afla mici detalii despre cum sunt utilizate mijloacele social media de catre reprezentantii PR ai Ambasadei Statelor Unite ale Americii in Romania.

Tema pusa in discutie de Bruce Kleiner (Consilier pentru Presa si Cultura al Ambasadei Statelor Unite ale Americii in Romania) a fost ”Social Media within the U.S. Embassy”.

O sa revin cu un articol mai pe larg, scris doar in RO, dar acum ceasul imi spune ca am timp sa scriu pe blog macar ce mi-am notat si merita impartisit, chiar daca e in EN: 

  • First of all, you have to think about what king of media are your target consuming.
  • Traditional Media (like newspapers, radio and TV networks) are experiencing declines. However, in Romania, television is still important.
  • Information is becoming more diffuse and is presented with a much greater challenge.
  • It is required additional staff in order to use social media in an active way — for example, to generate original content for the social media accounts, to update it daily, to monitor and respond to users.
  • Embassies’ primary goal in establishing social media sites is to reach a younger audience — 18 to 35 years old.
  • As a measurement tool, the amount of interactivity on a site is a good indication of engagement.
  • Facebook provides a useful tool, Facebook Insights, to assess in more detail the interactions with fans, and the popularity of various elements.
  • Our website is less fluid (…) we have very serious policy issues. This is basically for the entire world. It’s mostly a place of record.
  • Twitter is really fast & short. But it isn’t in 10 Top Sites in Romania as you cam see here:
  • You have to see which approach really works when using Social Media!
  • Evaluation — what worked? what techniques created buzz?
  • Different social media platforms = different personalities.
  • Website = sort of official information.
  • Twitter = quick moving personality.
  • Visit constantly Alexa – Top Sites – By Country – RO, to see what social media platform is gaining popularity
  • Visit Social Bakers to see Romania Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Google statistics.
  • Take care of operational needs: to be online 24/7, to engage.
  • Think about how much time it takes and how many people – resources.

  • To DO: interacting, commenting, sharing, tagging, finding relevant people, following discussions, spoting trends before news, posting questions or calls to action
  • Understand your objectives first and find a tool to support them.
  • Analysis and measurement are critically important!
  • Think about different ways to tell a story or a event for e.g. — before/during/after the event, giveaways, live streaming, running a contest: who took pics at the event (create a new album with participants photos)
  • You have to go where the herd is going, you have to understand this type of communication.

Anca Balaban


    • Cu placere! Cred ca miercurea viitoare va veni si articolul mai detaliat, pentru ca pana atunci vor mai fi altele.
      Multumesc ca ma urmaresti.

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