Infografic – Building an Unforgettable Resume

The first step to building an unforgettable resume is to recognize that there is intense competition for any position you are applying for. In order to compensate for this competition, you must stand out to the human resource managers choosing candidates as they examine experiences, accomplishments and customization.

You might find that it pays to stand out using highly pleasing keywords that appeal to positions of authority, including allusions to leadership and productivity. Do not get stuck on the idea of keywords, however; you want to keep it brief. Show that you have been able to make a difference in as few words as possible. On the same note, there are a few rookie mistakes to avoid, such as using full sentences full of passive verbs.When it comes to putting on those final touches, do not forget to check the details. Avoid any unprofessional language, including an old email address.

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Anca Balaban

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